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Here's a quick guide to telling Gloomy and Maori octopus apart...

The importance of colour

Decoration and display, warning and deception, or camouflage from predators…. colour is an important feature for fishes!

A fish by any other name

A fish by any other name…would just confuse everyone…but given people refer to a single 'snapper' species as bream, cockney, cockney bream, cockney snapper, golden snapper, old man snapper, pink snapper, porgy, red bream, red pargo, sea bream, squire, or squirefish....we thought we'd visit what goes into naming a species.

Squid mating: Calamari nuptials

Squid display different colours and patterns when they are courting, mating, and laying eggs. This has been coined the squid ‘nuptial dance’...

Squid: the biology basics

Squid belong to a group of animals called cephalopods, which includes octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus.  In Australia, we have both the smallest squid in the world, the pygmy squid at  2cm, and the largest squid – the giant squid, with squid rings as big as truck tyres! 

Marine biodiversity

Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life, and can refer to genetic, species or ecosystem variation. Here we talk a little about what diversity is, how it can be measured, and include a few interesting stats!

Ocean Currents in Australia

Spending a day by the sea you may notice some ocean currents at work, such as localised rips or larger-scale tidal movements. Currents in the ocean can be quite complicated and may be driven by wind, temperature differences, water densities or tides.

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