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Redmap Australia Steering Committee


  • Dr Gretta Pecl

    Professor Gretta Pecl

    Associate Professor Gretta Pecl is the Deputy Associate Dean of Research at IMAS. She is an ARC Future Fellow and Fulbright Fellow leading several projects within the Fisheries and Aquaculture Centre at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS). She is also the Editor in Chief of Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, and a member of the Centre for Marine Socioecology (http://marinesocioecology.org/). Gretta is a marine ecologist with many years of experience working on life history, fisheries ecology and population connectivity, and is particularly interested in assessing the role of movement and migration as key processes structuring marine populations. Gretta is also the regional Redmap Steering Committee representative for Redmap Tasmania. Gretta.Pecl@utas.edu.au


Regional representatives

  • Dianne Bray

    Dianne Bray (Victoria)

    Dianne Bray is a keen SCUBA diver and ichthyologist, she’s been interested in the marine environment for most of my life – and love telling people about Australia’s diverse and often unique fishes. As Senior Collections Manager at Museum Victoria, and previously at the Australian Museum, she has been fortunate to have surveyed fishes throughout much of Australia and elsewhere in the Southwest and Eastern Pacific. Along with Dr Martin Gomon and members of the OzFishNet consortium, she is currently working on Fishes of Australia, an online resource for anyone interested in Australian fishes. She is also updating information on the Australia’s fish species for the Australian Faunal Directory, and is an author and editor of Fishes of Australia’s Southern Coast, published in 2008. Dianne is the regional Redmap Steering Committee representative for Redmap Victoria.  dbray@museum.vic.gov.au

  • Gary Jackson

    Dr Gary Jackson (WA)

    Dr Gary Jackson is a Principal Research Scientist with the Western Australian Department of Fisheries based at Hillarys near Perth. He leads the Finfish team that is responsible for the monitoring and assessment of temperate finfish fisheries from Shark Bay to WA’s south coast. Gary is a fisheries scientist with 20+ years’ experience working on fish biology, stock structure and connectivity, population dynamics, stock assessment and fishery management. Gary is currently the President of the Australian Society for Fish Biology. He is also a Redmap Steering Committee representative for Redmap Western Australia. Gary.Jackson@fish.wa.gov.au

  • Assoc Prof Natalie Moltschaniwskyj

    Assoc Prof Natalie Moltschaniwskyj (NSW)

    Assoc Prof Natalie Moltschaniwskyj is a marine ecologist/biologist and the Director of Fisheries Research at NSW DPI.  She has worked in a diversity of Australia’s marine environments from the tropics to Antarctica.  Natalie worked for many years in the Marine Science Group at the University of Newcastle, Ourimbah campus on the NSW Central Coast with a focus on molluscs and cephalopods. Natalie is the regional Redmap Steering Committee representative for Redmap NSW. Natalie.Moltschaniwskyj@newcastle.edu.au

  • Keith Rowling

    Keith Rowling (SA)

    Keith Rowling is a Senior Research Officer in Marine Environment and Ecology at PIRSA- SARDI. His research has primarily been focussed in the field of ecology and benthic assessment methodology, particularly in the context of assessing environmental impacts in marine benthic systems and the impact and eradication of exotic marine pests. He has extensive experience in scientific diving and the operation of small boats for research purposes. He also has experience in habitat mapping using GIS based information software. Currently he is chief investigator of a project trialling the national Marine Pest Monitoring Manual, providing research support for the Adelaide Coastal Waters Project, aquaculture and dredging environmental assessment projects, and chief investigator of the Caulerpa eradication project. Keith is the regional Redmap Steering Committee representative for Redmap South Australia.  Keith.Rowling@sa.gov.au

  • Marcus Sheaves

    Marcus Sheaves (Queensland)

    Marcus Sheaves is interested in the dynamics of tropical estuaries and coastal wetland ecosystems, their roles in food security, and relationships between them and anthropogenic modification and climate change. He grew up by the beach where his father fostered a strong love of fishing from an early age, a tradition which he has passed on to my children. His career in estuarine research has meant that he often get to head out on hisboat and catches fish to try to solve problems about the dynamics of ecosystem processes. Marcus is the regional Redmap Steering Committee representative for Redmap Queensland.


Technical Project Manager

  • Peter Walsh

    Peter Walsh

    Peter Walsh is data manager at IMAS. His main interests include managing data integrity in large research datasets and managing data as part of a project lifecycle and communications protocols used for industrial site and equipment monitoring. Peter.Walsh@utas.edu.au


Redmap Advisory Committees

Science and Data

  • Prof Natalie Moltschaniwskyj (Chair; see above)
  • Peter Walsh (see above)
  • Dr Gretta Pecl (see above)


  • Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray

    Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray (Chair)

    Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray is a Senior Lecturer in Geography, Environment and Population (GEP), and the Coordinator of the GEP Masters Dissertation Program. Melissa obtained her PhD from James Cook University, and now has over 40 publications including 2 books, and many chapters and articles on climate change and Indigenous resource management respectively.

  • Ms Lowri Pryce

    Ms Lowri Pryce (Oceanwatch)


  • Mr Neil Stump (commercial fishing representative)
  • Mr Russell Conway (recreational fishing representative)
  • Mr Steve Reynolds (see above)
  • Dr Gretta Pecl (see above)
  • Ms Yvette Barry (see below)

Regional Administrators

(listed if different from Regional Steering Committee representative)

  • Josh Brown

    Joshua Brown (Western Australia)

    Joshua Brown has been working at the Western Australian Department of Fisheries for over 18 years. The majority of this time has been within the Research Division, where he primarily focused on temperate and tropical nearshore and estuarine fish species. He has also worked on the State’s key invertebrate fishery species of rock lobster, prawn, scallop and crabs, as well as environmental impact assessment and fisheries policy. Josh now applies his scientific knowledge and research experience to community education and engagement. He is currently the Coordinator of Community Education and Volunteers, coordinating and developing community and school based education and engagement programs, as well as supporting the Department’s Citizen Science projects. Josh is the regional administrator for Redmap Western Australia.


  • Martha Brians

    Martha Brians (Queensland)

    I am the regional administrator for Redmap in Queensland. I am a research officer in the Estuary and Tidal Wetland Ecosystems Research Group within the Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research at James Cook University. I have had a love for the ocean and its inhabitants since I was very young. During my undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech, I assisted in research projects ranging from reptile and amphibian studies to aquatic toxicology and coral reef ecology. I completed my master’s research in 2012 on green sea turtle diet for the central Great Barrier Reef region. Currently I am working on coastal ecosystem and wetland habitat studies, which I will continue to explore in the future.

  • Kate Rodda

    Kate Rodda (South Australia)

    Since I was very young, I have had an affinity for the sea and the creatures that inhabit it, in particular sharks. I gave my first official public talk on sharks at the tender age of 10 and haven’t looked back since. For the last 25 years, I have spent my time playing, studying and working in the sea. I completed a PhD on the physiology of sharks at the University of Adelaide and have worked with the South Australian Government as a research scientist for the last 19 years on abalone, lobster, crabs, prawns and sharks. More recently I began working as an environmental assessment officer for aquaculture. Throughout it all, I have maintained my love of the sea and have logged many hundreds of hours diving both recreationally and commercially along the coast of South Australia. I also spend as much of my free time as possible recreationally fishing. I am pleased to be part of Redmap as it offers a unique opportunity for the public to share their experiences and contribute to the pool of knowledge for many of our species.

  • Andrew Pender

    Andrew Pender (Tasmania)

    Andrew is a technical officer at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and played a large role in the sighting verification of Redmap Tasmania.


Core project team

The core project team is based in Tasmania and deals with the website and day-to-day running of the overall project.

  • Jemina Stuart-Smith

    Jemina Stuart-Smith (Project coordinator)

    Jemina is a research fellow within the Estuaries and Coasts Program at IMAS. Her current position at IMAS involves coordinating the development of Redmap Australia. She is interested in all aspects of ecology and appreciates community engagement as a valuable tool for allowing broadscale monitoring and generating interest in the marine environment. Jemina.StuartSmith@utas.edu.au

  • Yvette Barry

    Yvette Barry (Redmap media and communications officer)

    Yvette enjoys her mission at Redmap: to translate marine climate science for Redmap’s audience of fishers, divers and the public. But also to learn from the knowledge and experience of thousands of Australians out on the water who are observing - and reporting to Redmap - the impacts of changing seas firsthand.Yvette started her career as a wetland ecologist in Victoria but jumped ship - and states - into the world of media in Tasmania (in radio, online and freelancing). Yvette soon found herself drawn back to science: but this time with her communication-cap firmly in place. Yvette.Barry@utas.edu.au


Redmap's Voice on Twitter

  • Mike Burgess

    Mike Burgess (Twitter manager and former Redmap administrator)

    I worked previously for the Department of Fisheries in WA for over ten years leading community education and involvement initiatives. I am passionate about engaging with the community to better understand our marine environment and how to deal with future challenges. I am now the Manager of Student Services and Support at the South West Institute of Technology in Dunsborough.  I am based in the south west of WA and have seen my fair share of fish "on the move" so I am very enthusiastic to continue to promote Redmap at events and via Twitter in WA.


  • Beck Brown

    Beck Brown (former Redmap Project Officer)

    Beck developed the initial pilot of Redmap in Tasmania and assisted on the national project in several capacities - including the development of the Redmap smartphone app!

  • Elsa Gärtner

    Elsa Gärtner (former Estuaries and Coasts program Support, IMAS)

    Elsa had various roles within the group, including all areas of administration and organisation, GIS skills, handling finances... (the list is long!).  Her artistic ability was also demonstrated by many of the images she created for Redmap in her spare time (see here). 

  • Carolina Zagal

    Carolina Zagal (former Redmap Project officer)

    Carolina has been involved in species information collation (species and habitat characteristics, distribution etc) for the national project.

  • Dr Lucy Robinson

    Dr Lucy Robinson (former Redmap scientist)

    Lucy’s research involves predicting how the distribution of marine fish species are responding to climate change. She is currently developing a qualitative report card using the Redmap Tas data.

  • Nina McLean

    Nina McLean (former Queensland administrator)

    I have always been interested in the outdoors, but in particular I have always loved the ocean. I grew up snorkeling and swimming around Sydney. I moved to Townsville after highschool to learn more about marine biology and zoology at James Cook University, and have been there ever since. I am now working with the Estuary and Tidal Wetland Ecosystems Research Group at James Cook University. This has developed my interests in marine and estuarine connectivity, monitoring the health of these systems and how these ecosystems will be influenced by climate change. I have been coordinating the expansion of Redmap into Queensland. This has been a great experience.



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