What is Redmap?

Awards and recognition

The hard work of many of Redmap Australia's citizen scientists is evidenced through the numerous award nominations and successes over the years. We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone involved. Here a list of some of the recognition the project has received:


2010: Royal Zoological Society of NSW Whitley Awards for outstanding publications (website)

2011: University of Tasmania's Award for Outstanding Community Engagement

2012: Tasmania Together program (finalist)

2012: Recreational Fishing Awards for Excellence in Support of Research Outcomes (finalist)

2013: Tasmanian Science Innovation Award (finalist) 

2014: Winner DIEMEN Award for Best Mobile Application  (Ionata Digital)

2015: Redmap NSW was awarded the Community Winner at the 2015 Annual NSW Coastal Management Awards

2016: Finalist Eureka Prize for Innovation in Citizen Science

2017: Talk and Best Paper award, World Symposium on Climate Change Communication

2017: Finalist Eureka Prize for Innovation in Citizen Science

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