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The Spring 2023 Redmap Newsletter!

In our Spring 2023 newsletter, we'll introduce you to some new faces in the Redmap team, give you a comprehensive guide for distinguishing Southern Rock Lobsters (Jasus edwardsii) and Eastern Rock Lobsters (Sagmariasus verreauxi), share insights on fisheries and climate, highlight some fascinating citizen science projects, plus an interview with David Maynard, one of Redmap's pioneering observers and throw in some other interesting stuff too!

What's in your pot? Know the difference!

Eastern Rock Lobster (Sagmariasus verreauxi) are on the move! Do you know how to tell them apart from the common Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii)? Help Redmap Australia track the southern expansion of this species by logging it if you spot one in Tasmania or South Australia!

Redmap Start of 2021 Newsletter

Dive into our newsletter kicking off 2021 to learn about exciting new Redmap species to look out for on your beachcombing, fishing and diving trips!  We've got some additional ways you can help researchers with your invaluable citizen-science input, details on the new version of our smartphone apps, and as always we'll share some fascinating stories from the latest marine science findings around Australia. 

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