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The who's who of Redmap Australia

By Elsa Gärtner

The main players and sponsors behind Redmap Australia.

Drum roll, please…. Redmap is now an Australian wide project. The move from a Tasmanian pilot project towards a national Redmap began in November 2011 when researchers and representatives from around Australia travelled to Hobart to begin setting up the national Redmap website and initiative.  Now we have the support of lead institutes in each state and territory. But what does this all mean for Redmap? Now all Australian fishers, boaters, divers and scientists – from Hobart to Broome to Townsville to Sydney to Melbourne— are be able to log onto redmap.org.au and report any uncommon fish and marine life they don’t usually see along their stretch of coastline.  This community data will help highlight marine range shifts around Australia as the marine environment changes, including warming seas, so that management and research can be directed into hotspots or particular species along Australia’s coastline.  By encouraging Australians to collect and share information about their local seas, Redmap also aims to engage many people with marine climate change – and become citizen scientists in the process.

But a national Redmap couldn’t have happened without the financial, scientific and logistic support of the partners and institutes listed below:




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