What is Redmap?

How you can help Redmap

Redmap needs YOU to help spread the word! The more people know about Redmap, the more sightings (and data) we will collect about our changing marine environment.

Redmap is interested in your sightings of marine species that are not usually found at your local beach, fishing, diving, or swimming spot. Here are some tips on what you can do …

– Seen something fishy? Log on and report any uncommon marine life listed on Redmap
– Tell your mates about Redmap
– Be a 'marine idol' and give a talk at your local fishing, diving, or other community club about Redmap and its latest findings. We have powerpoint slides already prepared for you, as well as flyers, stickers and booklets
– Like us on Redmap Australia's Facebook page, share our posts and join in the conversations with us
– Send us details of any marine-type events or activities happening in your community and we can add the info to our website news page, quarterly newsletter and Redmap Facebook
– Live in a regional area that may be off our 'map'? Help us spread the word. We can send you flyers and stickers to distribute in your community. Fishing and diving shops are usually pretty happy to help get the word out but we also have flyers and stickers in cafés, surf shops, tourist info centres and all sorts of places!
– Go to www.redmap.org to learn more and to become familiar with the Redmap species list. Get to know your local marine species!
– Bookmark Redmap and keep up to date with the who's where of marine species
- Are you part of a fishing, diving, naturalist or community club? Let us know when you have events and functions - maybe we can help out with a raffle prize or two (depends on how flash with cash we are - but it is worth asking us)
- Enjoy writing? Draft an article on Redmap for your local community or club paper or send it in to us and it might end up on the Redmap website

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