South Australia, Australia

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Kate Rodda

Since I was very young, I have had an affinity for the sea and the creatures that inhabit it, in particular sharks. I gave my first official public talk on sharks at the tender age of 10 and haven’t looked back since. For the last 25 years, I have spent my time playing, studying and working in the sea. I completed a PhD on the physiology of sharks at the University of Adelaide and have worked with the South Australian Government as a research scientist for the last 19 years on abalone, lobster, crabs, prawns and sharks. More recently I began working as an environmental assessment officer for aquaculture. Throughout it all, I have maintained my love of the sea and have logged many hundreds of hours diving both recreationally and commercially along the coast of South Australia. I also spend as much of my free time as possible recreationally fishing. I am pleased to be part of Redmap as it offers a unique opportunity for the public to share their experiences and contribute to the pool of knowledge for many of our species.

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