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Jorge Ramos & The Redmap Team.

Here's a quick guide to telling Gloomy and Maori octopus apart...


We often get asked the difference between gloomy and Maori octopus. Luckily we've got a cepholopod expert (or two) on the Redmap team!

Below is a table and image guide to help.

And don't forget to log any Gloomy octopus sightings in Tasmania please!

If you'd like to read up more on cephalopods, or need help explaining some of the terms in the table below, there's a handy guide available HERE.


*Octopus arm length comparisons examine the relative length of the four arm pairs. They are numbered with 1 dorsal (upper) pair, the next 2, etc. When explaining relative length, the longest arm is indicated first. E.g. 4>3>2>1 would mean arm pair 4 is the longest, followed by 3, 2, then 1.

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