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Whitetip reef shark

Triaenodon obesus

(Image credit: David Harasti)

A species easily identifiable by the white tips on the dorsal fins and tail. They have counter shading, meaning a darker grey top with a lighter white underside. The head is small, flat and rounded with large grey-white eyes.

The common name is derived from the white markings on the tip of the dorsal and caudal fins. The body is grey, which gradually changes to a white belly. The body has small semi-faded dark spots all over. Head is flattened and the snout is rounded. Eyes are large and grey-white in colour. Teeth are small and do not protrude from mouth. Considerably more active at night whilst hunting.

Length: Up to 2 m


Shallow waters, usually near the bottom, often resting in caves or under coral ledges during the day; 8-300 m depth

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Log if spotted in New South Wales, or south of K'gari or Stradbroke Island in QLD

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