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Australian snubfin dolphin

Orcaella heinsohni

(Image credit: Guido J. Parra)

Adults have three tone colour with a dark back, white abdomen and light grey to brownish grey sides. Snubfin have a distinctive bulbous head with mobile neck and visible neck crease, broad paddle shaped flippers and a small dorsal fin on the lower half of their back. The tail is horizonally flattened. Typcially seen in small groups or singly.

Length: to 2.7 m


Shallow coastal waters, estuaries, embayments, preferrably at 1-2 m depth; 1-15 m depth range

Log it

In Western Australia, log this species south of Roebuck Bay

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Based on information from the DSEWPAC species sheets http://www.environment.gov.au/cgi-bin/sprat/public/publicspecies

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