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Potato rockcod

Epinephelus tukula

(Image credit: David Harasti)

Large grey-brown body with elongated head and a rounded tail. Large black spots are found on body in 4-5 loosely arranged rows. Smaller spots and dark lines are found on the head. Fins are dark with small black spots.

Long-lived, large greyish brown fish with an elongated head and rounded tail. Large irregular shaped black spots adorn the body. Smaller spots and lines are found on the head and around the eyes. All fins are dark in colour with small dark spots. Older individuals may be almost completely black in colour.

Very inquisitive species and often interacts with divers. Will also accept food from divers hands. Due to their bold nature this fish is easily speared by spearfishermen. The Potato Cod is rarely found in areas where frequent fishing and spearfishing takes place. This species greatly benefits from areas that have some form of protection or legislation that limits fishing activities.

Length: Up to 2 m


Reef channels and seamounts. Juveniles inhabit tidal pools; 0-1000 m depth

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