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Eye-stripe triggerfish

Sufflamen chrysopterum

(Image credit: Rick Stuart-Smith, Reef Life Survey)

The body of the triggerfish is oval with a pointed mouth. Eyes are high on the body. The first dorsal fin is very short and resembles a spine. This fin is usually retracted during resting. Second dorsal fin and anal fin are long and remain erect. Pelvic fin is on an elongated area on the underside of the body.

JUVENILES: White underside with yellowish brown dorsal surface. A horizontal black band separates the two colours. The band runs through the eye and finishes at the tail. Second dorsal and anal fins are transparent. Mouth is small and has slight pearly blue tinge. Tail is brown with white edges.

ADULTS: Brown or yellowish brown body with lighter lower half. Tail is yellow with white fringing. Mouth area is white with fleshy lips. A thin yellow to white line runs downwards from the rear of the eye, passing behind the base of the pectoral fin and ending underneath it. This line may curve slightly towards the rear of the fish in some individuals.

Length: Up to 30 cm


Coastal and outer reefs with lagoons or walls; 30-20 m depth

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Log it in New South Wales if spotted south of Bate Bay

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