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Brown sweetlips

Plectorhinchus gibbosus

(Image credit: Rick Stuart-Smith, Reef Life Survey)

JUVENILES: Light brown to a very dark brown with light or dark blotch marks along body. Tail is completely transparent. Dorsal fin is spiny and extends relatively high when erect. Some individuals have a lightly pink tinged dorsal fin. Dorsal, anal and pelvic fin edges have darker colouration. Inhabit shallow sandy areas and drift with the tide like leaves as a form of camouflage.

ADULTS: Grey to brown in colour with darker fins. Transparency of tail fin has been lost. Lips are very fleshy. Commonly found in groups.

Length: Up to 70 cm


Juveniles in shallow sandy areas. Adults in calm coastal reefs; 8-25 m depth

Log it

In New South Wales, log if spotted in Port Stephens and south

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