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Diamondscale goatfish

Parupeneus ciliatus

(Image credit: Rick Stuart-Smith, Reef Life Survey)

Reddish brown body with lighter coloured barbels (‘whiskers’). Most individuals have two distinct white lines running horizontally above and below the eye. Some individuals will have a third line below these two. Others may just a lighter section than the rest of the body in this area. A white spot at the rear of the dorsal fin, slightly before the tail is where the common name of this species arises. The scales have a white section, which gives a spotted appearance.

Goatfish are active at night. They may also undergo colour changes, turning completely red with the saddle spot and horizontal facial lines becoming almost invisible.

Length: Up to 35 cm


Seagrass beds and outer reef slopes with sandy substrates; 2-40 m depth

Log it

In New South Wales, log if spotted in Port Stephens and south

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