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Queensland yellowtail angelfish

Chaetodontoplus meredithi

(Image credit: David Harasti)

Juveniles have a black body and face with vertical white band running along the gills. A yellow bar is present on the top of the head between the eyes and the throat area has a yellow tinge. Caudal and pelvic fins are yellow with transparent edges. Pectoral fins are transparent.

Adults have a black body with a blue face separated by a white vertical band behind the gills. The face has small yellow spots and yellow bands on the throat and running along the top surface between the eyes, which can be quite faint in some individuals. Caudal and pelvic fins are yellow. Adults have blue edges on the rear portion of the anal and dorsal fins.

Adults commonly found in pairs or small aggregations feeding on sponges and tunicates. This fish is often incorrectly identified as Chaetodontoplus personifer, which can be distinguished by the black band on the tail.

Length: Up to 30 cm


Reef and rock outcrops. Juveniles are usually found in shallow water; 10-50 m depth

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In New South Wales, log if found in Port Stephens & south

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