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Ballina angelfish

Chaetodontoplus ballinae

(Image credit: Rick Stuart-Smith, Reef Life Survey)

This fish is regarded as one of the most rare angelfish. It is a pearly white colour with a distinctive black dorsal surface that extends down to the pectoral and caudal fin bases. Both pectoral and caudal fins are a translucent yellow. The spines on the dorsal fin are white with a narrow light yellow band separating the black body region.

The eye is yellow edged and is ringed by a black blotch that runs over the head. The mouth is also black.

Only a small number of specimens have been sighted and collected, due to the depth and aparent limited range of the species. Known from Balls Pyramid near Lord Howe Island.

Length: Up to 20 cm


Rocky reefs; 12-125 m depth

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