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Roundface batfish

Platax teira

(Image credit: David Harasti)

Round body profile with two distinct vertical dark bars, one through the eye and one behind the gill cover. Dark blotch below the pectoral fin (more intense than in Platax teira) and no second spot.

JUVENILES: Very distinct boomerang shaped fish. The dorsal and anal fins are greatly extended and curve towards the tail. Pelvic fins are also elongated and extend well below the body. The body is striped with thick black and white vertical bands. One black band crosses directly through the eye. Juvenile has elongated fins, mimics dead leaves.

ADULTS: Light silver in colour. Dark vertical bands have faded from the juvenile stage but are still visible. Body has lengthened and the fish is less boomerang shaped and more triangular. Pelvic fins are yellow. In larger adults the head develops a hump above the eyes.

Length: Up to 60 cm


Shallow coastal protected bays, reefs and wrecks, to deep offshore. Small juveniles inshore, under floating debris. Larger juveniles oceanic, under seaweed rafts; 2-20 m depth

Log it

In New South Wales, log if spotted south of Bate Bay
In Western Australia, log this species south of Dampier

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