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Southern Maori Wrasse

Ophthalmolepis lineolatus

(Image credit: Erik Schlögl)

Known to inhabit waters from southern Queensland to Victoria and west to central coast of Western Australia. In Tasmania this species is usually associated with the Kent Group islands in the Bass Strait. Larger fish have bright blue tattoo markings around the eyes and face and it is these distinctive facial markings, likened to New Zealand Maori tattoos, that have resulted in the name for this wrasse. Females and juveniles have the appearance of three long, coloured stripes along the length of the body. These longitudinal stripes are red-brown at the top, a thin white stripe in the middle and a green belly stripe. The males have a greener colour on upper body and often have a black and white stripe running the length of their body.

AKA: Maori wrasse

Length: Up to 40 cm


Exposed reef; 1-30 m depth

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