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Yellowtail kingfish

Seriola lalandi

This is a Yellow Tail Kingfish Dad and I had heard that they were in the area which they rarely are and attempted to catch them. We were successful on this occasion managing to get a school around us. The ones we caught were all around the 70 cm mark but I had a large Kingfish at an estimate maybe 11kg take our large rod with a squid floating on the surface. The Kingfish got off but I have footage of the fight and the kingfish is visible in the waters depth in the footage for a brief moment.

Weight 3.500kg
Depth 12m
Seriola lalandi

About this species

Yellowtail kingfish are streamlined, schooling fish which grow to a large size and are blue-green with a yellow stripe along the length of their bodies.Kingfish were not always so common in Tasmania. Read more…

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