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The Redmap Australia Decadal Report Card

Download our Australia-wide Report Card poster and 4-page state report cards to learn what species Australia's fishers and divers have spotted on the move over the past decade.

Redmap data use

We've put together an overview of how the data that you collect are useful...

Identifying fishes

So you caught a fish? Or spotted one you’ve never seen before? Or maybe you’re new to it all and don’t even know where to start…. Here are a few tips to get you started on identifying fishes...

Redmap's "other species" sighting category

Ideally, it would be great to have a system where only unusual species were logged….but how is everyone supposed to know what is usual and what’s not? How do we anticipate which species will move? ….Enter the “other species” Redmap category!

The Redmap Tasmania Report Card

Redmap developed a ‘report card’ to assess and report potential shifts in species ranges off the coast of Tasmania, using the observations collected by divers and fishers. The report card was funded by the Tasmania Climate Change Office, Climate Connect Grant, 2012 and is now available to download!

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