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Redmap app finally gets an update!

redmap-admin, 05 Feb 2021.

Do you use your smartphone to submit your Redmap sightings of unusual marine critters spotted around the coast? We are excited to announce we have just released new iOS and Android versions of the Redmap smartphone app!

The new Redmap apps retain a familiar look and feel but the functionality has been improved and previous bugs fixed. In other words, they look the same…. but should actually work now!

So how do you get the new app?
Search ‘Redmap’ in the Apple Store or Google Play store, or follow these links…

iOS app download:
Android app download:

Alternatively, if you already have the old app, your phone may automatically update or offer you a prompt to update which you can accept. If in doubt, you can check that your have the 2021 version on the app listing on your phone, otherwise just uninstall the old app and reinstall the new one.

We have done extensive testing prior to release, but as it’s been a long time between updates (and a LOT of tech things have changed behind the scenes), some usability issues may occur. If you experience any issues or errors with the app please let us know on and we try to get a fix as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

A big thank you for the generous support from NSW DPI which has enabled this work to happen. Thanks also to Jemina Stuart-Smith, Peter Walsh and David Mossop, all from our host institute IMAS Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies | UTAS, for extensive testing and advice, and the team from Condense for doing a great job as always.

We have also been undertaking much needed work on the behind-the-scenes workings of the Redmap website and we’ll be releasing these upgrades in the near future. Also keep an eye out too for our next newsletter coming out soon, you can sign up for that here: Redmap Australia - Redmap  (‘subscribe to our newsletter’, lower right of page).

We look forward to seeing your pics of any species you spot or catch out-of-range very soon! As a reminder, you can log a picture of any marine species that you think is further south than expected (or just a very rare or uncommon species in general), but if you wanted to see what species we are actively keeping an eye out for in your area, look here: Marine Species - Redmap.

Happy fishing, boating and diving,

The Redmap Australia team

PS: We would love you to help spread the word about the new apps, and Redmap in general. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter for some comps to share posts & win some awesome marine playing cards


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