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Redmap QLD Champions Program launched!

Redmap Team, 15 Jan 2020.

Our Redmap QLD team have been busy engaging with Queenslanders to roll out the Redmap QLD Champions program.

Blake Spady presenting at an Indigenous Women Rangers Workshop in Cooktown

Redmap QLD is taking off with more and more Queenslanders participating by sending in their marine sightings to Redmap. We have started rolling out the Redmap QLD Champions program, which has already trained 27 ‘champions’ from the community who can train and support other community members to participate in Redmap. We have also partnered with both Reef Teach and the Marine Teachers Association of Queensland in Cairns, who will be able to extend our message through their regular events that inform the public about marine science and conservation. Redmap also attended the Women’s Indigenous Rangers Workshop in Cooktown, training women rangers from 23 regions across Queensland in Redmap activities.

This engagement in QLD sessions has been met with overwhelming positivity and we hope to continue engaging with communities across the state.

If you are based in QLD and interested in participating in Redmap or becoming a Redmap Champion, please contact Blake Spady -

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