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Redmap at the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation Conference

Redmap Team, 14 Jan 2020.

Redmap staff recently attended the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation Conference (ARFF) held in Hobart with Professor Gretta Pecl and Dr Rachel Kelly providing insights from Redmap. 

  • Redmap at ARFF Conference

Redmap Australia lead scientist Professor Gretta Pecl presented on the topic of  ‘How Is Climate Change Altering Australia’s Coasts, Ecosystems And Recreational Fishery Species?’ showcasing how important the observations of marine rec users have been in helping us understand recent changes.

Dr Rachel Kelly also presented on the topic of ‘Participating In Citizen Science Allows Recreational Fishers To Demonstrate Their Stewardship Of The Ocean’ using Redmap as a case study.

We are so pleased we could highlight the incredible contribution of Aussie fishers and divers in helping the scientific community, and everyone around the country, better understand how warming seas are changing the distribution of our marine species.

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