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Celebrating 10 years of Redmap!

Redmap Team, 15 Jan 2020.

Redmap recently turned 10 years old! A big thank you to everyone for the support and we are looking forward to continuing to grow Redmap into the future!

Infographic showing the growth and reach of Redmap over 10 years

From humble beginnings in Tasmania in 2009, Redmap Australia has since grown into a successful national citizen science project monitoring changes in marine life across Australia. Click on the infographic to see what we've achieved over the past 10 years. 

We would like to acknowledge and thank all the divers, fishers, beachcombers, scientists, volunteers and staff members who have contributed their observations, expertise and hard work to make this possible. This collaborative approach has enabled us to collectively create a very valuable dataset which we hope to keep growing and sharing with the community for another 10 years and beyond!

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