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Climate change impacts

Climate change impacts on tropical fisheries

The impacts of climate change on tropical fisheries in northern Australia is being investigated by a three-year research project through the FRDC (Fisheries Research and Development Corporation).  Using existing data, the study will review how climate change affects important tropical fish species like Barramundi, Spanish mackerel and coral trout; and predict impacts on fisheries in the future. 

Phenology and physiology

Climate change can alter the timing (phenology) of life cycle events and the physiology of an organism: impacting a species' reproduction, behaviour, feeding, interactions and where they live.

Land and sea species differ in climate change response

All animals occupy a piece of real estate on this earth, known as their geographic distributional range.  Various factors contribute to determining a species’ range, but temperature is up there in importance. This article compares the reponse of land and sea animals to climate warming.

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