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Redmap Tasmania Report Card released!

The Redmap Team, 20 May 2013.

It looks like the gloomy octopus may be moving its home further south; followed by crimson banded wrasse and rock cale. Redmap has developed a ‘report card’ to assess and report potential shifts in the ranges of fish and marine species along the Tasmanian coast. And all using the observations collected by divers and fishers in Tasmania (where Redmap started 3 years ago before it launched nationally). Check out which fish may be on the move in the Report Card.

The report card uses information collected from 2009-2012 in Tasmania and shows how data,  generated by people like you,  can be used. We aim to apply a simliar reporting system for a national report card in the next few years. Thanks to all the Redmap volunteers who contributed sightings, information and time to the project - we welcome your ongoing support! 

Please download the Tasmanian Redmap report card and supporting information:

Report card - single page version

Tasmania's Road to Reporting: the Redmap Report Card

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