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Simon Bryars

During my childhood years I developed an interest in the marine environment through my regular family holidays to Coffin Bay on the west coast of South Australia. Since that time I have gone on to become a qualified marine biologist conducting research on a wide variety of marine species and habitats, including a PhD on blue swimmer crab larval biology, a study on rock lobster aquaculture, and various projects on reef fish biology and behaviour. I now have over 20 years of professional work experience, including 10 years in various South Australian Government Agencies and 10 years in two South Australian Universities. Currently I work as an independent marine biologist providing consultancy services to government, industry and community. I continue to dive and conduct research around South Australia’s coastal waters and also work with community divers on reef fish projects. Thus I am particularly interested in how community divers can contribute to Redmap and in turn enhance our knowledge of species distributions and patterns of change.

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