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Cameron Dixon

As a child I was a fanatical fisherman. Where ever we travelled on family holidays, I had usually landed a fish from the local river, beach or lake before my parents had thought about putting up the tent (helping out would have been a waste of good fishing time!). After finishing Year 12, I rejected an offer to do Science at Melbourne University and travelled to the sleepy hollow of Beauty Point in northern Tasmania to undertake a Bachelor of Applied Science in Fisheries at the Australian Maritime College.

In my 20 years since completion, I have worked for 1 year as a commercial fisherman, 11 years as an abalone researcher, and for the last 8 years I have managed the research program for prawn and blue crab fisheries in South Australia, at SARDI Aquatic Sciences. With over 1000 hours as a research diver and countless hours at sea on recreational, commercial and research vessels, I have shared many experiences with like minded lovers of the sea. Redmap provides a fantastic opportunity to take that engagement and knowledge sharing to a whole new level.

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