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Keith Rowling

Growing up at one of the closest surfing, fishing and diving centres south of Adelaide meant it was inevitable that I would build some sort of affinity with the marine environment. As well as undertaking large doses of all the activities above I studied Marine Biology at university so my working life has become an extension of my childhood. I have sampled and dived along the majority of the South Australian coastline, firstly at the two major universities and then within Government for the last 20 years.

I spent many years working on projects as diverse as marine pests surveys and baseline assessments of aquaculture zones in South Australia, to marine biodiversity surveys and studying the environmental impact of dredging and aquaculture. In the last few years I have moved to the Fisheries Department and now manage commercial and recreational fisheries in South Australia. As well as the community driven information that Redmap gives on changes to species distributions I am very interested in the potential for engagement Redmap has with all sectors that utilise and/or explore marine resources in South Australia, including divers, anglers and commercial fishers.

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