Western Australia, Australia

Dep. of Primary Industries & Regional Development

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Gary Jackson

Dr Gary Jackson is a fisheries scientist with the Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development based at the WA Fisheries & Marine Research Laboratories. Gary has 30+ years’ research experience working in a range of freshwater, estuarine and marine environments. He is currently a Principal Research Scientist in the Offshore group that is responsible for monitoring and assessment of a wide range of WA’s fishery resources including: tropical and temperate demersal scalefish, sharks & rays, small (sardines) and large pelagics (Spanish mackerel) and invertebrate trawl fisheries (prawns, scallops, crabs). Current research areas of interest include: otolith-based fish ageing methods, effects of long-term fishing and climate change on demersal fish stocks, stock structure/connectivity, assessment and management of recreational fishing and shark depredation. He is a Redmap Steering Committee representative for Redmap Western Australia.

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