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What a beauty! says new Redmap NSW coordinator

This is a great photo of a great seahorse (Hippocampus kelloggi) spotted by a diver near Sydney! It's also quite a special sighting, according to new Redmap NSW coordinator Dr Troy Gaston. 

Photo credit: Andrew Trevor-Jones (uploaded on

“What a great effort in sighting this protected, rarely-spotted species!" Dr Gaston explains of his enthusiasm for this Redmap sighting.

"The great seahorse is listed as data deficient by the IUCN [International Union for Conservation of Nature] and we need more information about it.”

The elusive seahorse was photographed off Bare Island, Botany Bay, by diver and Redmap member Andrew Trevor-Jones. You can see the full sighting on Redmap:

Dr Gaston, senior lecturer in Environmental Sciences at the University of Newcastle, recently took over the reigns as Redmap NSW coordinator.

Redmap welcomes him to the team -- and Dr Gaston welcomes all your photos of uncommon marine life in NSW seas!

There is scant information about Hippocampus kelloggi, but here's one we found:


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