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Redmap at Terrigal Marine Discovery Centre

Coat Community News, 25 Oct 2016.

Terrigal's Marine Discovery Centre will host a marine and coastal environment event on October 27. And Redmap will be there to give you an update on all the latest unusual marine sightings! The event is organised by the University of Newcastle.

The Marine Discovery Centre, Terrigal, will host the University of Newcastle’s researching marine and coastal environments’ event on October 27.

The evening will feature three presentations, one from Dr Troy Gaston, Redmap and Ms Karen O’Neill. Dr Gaston, from the University of Newcastle, will provide an overview of some of the investigations currently being undertaken by researchers at the University, including an update on the Redmap project. Redmap stands for Range Extension Database and Mapping project.

This project invites Australians to share sightings of marine species that are uncommon to their local seas. Over time, Redmap will use this citizen science data to map which Australian marine species may be extending their distribution range in response to changes in the marine environment, such as ocean warming. Ms O’Neill, a PhD candidate, also from the University, will also speak about her current research project, investigating algae in our coastal lagoons. An entry fee applies.


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