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Most southern sighting of a blue angelfish

Check out this beautiful sighting of Pomacanthus semicirculatus (blue angelfish) spotted south of Perth, WA, by diver Alexandra Hoschke. The fish was found much further south than its usual home range.

“This is the first record of this species south of the Houtman Abrolhos that I know of,” says WA Museum and Redmap scientist Glenn Moore.

More community observations like this will, over time, help track if warmer water fish are surviving further south – especially over the cooler winter months - or whether they are just transient visitors.

Thanks goes to Redmap member Alexandra Hoschke who logged the photo and Glenn Moore, one of  Redmap's 80+ verifying scientists around the country, for identifying the species at the WA Museum.  

See the full angelfish sighting on Redmap.

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