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Redmap in the media

Newspapers, radio, television and magazines: the Redmap Team has been interviewed around Australia! Here is a list of all the Redmap media articles and interviews.


The Redmap project was featured or discussed in the following articles and broadcasts (click on the links in bold):

29 August 2022: The Conversation, Thousands of photos captured by everyday Australians reveal the secrets of our marine life as oceans warm 

11 Dec 2016: The Mercury newspaper, Bountiful catch throughout state, by Carl Hyland (subscription only access)

3 November 2016: 936 ABC Hobart Breakfast program. Ryk Goddard interviews Redmap's Gretta Pecl

August/September 2016: Western Angler magazine, Emperor empire (Redmap in Western Australia), p58-60 (subscription only)

30 July 2016: The Mercury, Teams' Eureka moment (subscription only access)

29 July 2016: IMAS News, Redmap shortlisted for Eureka moment

29 July 2016: The Mercury, Two University of Tasmania projects nominated for 2016 Eureka Prizes

June/July 2016: Fishing Today Magazine, What's been spotted on Redmap in Tasmania lately? by Yvette Barry.

28 June 2016: Cellophane Blog, Gretta Pecl in the #CommsCorner

13 March 2016: The Sunday Tasmanian, Kingfish sighted in far south by Carl Hyland. (subscription only access).

6 March 2016: The Sunday Tasmanian, Warmer waters makes Tassie a hotspot for new fishy friends by Anne Mather

16 February 2016: The Mercury, Talking Point: Scientists reveal life on the move on rapidly warming planet by Peter Boyer.

8 February 2016: The Mercury, Species on the Move Worldwide by Craig Maccaulay. 

2 February 2016: The Mercury, Species moving scientific focus by Bruce Mounster (subscription only access).


1 January 2016: FISH, Marine changes are shared experiences (profile of Gretta Pecl) (subscription only access).

1 January 2016:, Jump outside and play (subscription only access).

15 December 2015: Fishing Today Magazine (Tasmania), Skipping school for abalone by Yvette Barry (p.26)


2 December 2015: The Conversation,  Anglers have helped detect a shift in the habitat of black marlin


1 December 2015: Fishing Lines Magazine (Victoria), Catching Tropical Fish in Victoria? by Yvette Barry (p. 8)


1 December 2015: IMAS News, Top 3 Redmap sightings and other community data by Yvette Barry

28 November 2015: Focal Depth (online newsletter), Redmap by Jemina Stuart-Smith

15 November 2015: The Mercury (Tasmania), Queensland game fish latest in procession south. (subscription only access)

26 October 2015: The Mornington Peninsula News (Vic), Counting on rare, and common, fish 

13 October 2015: ABC Radio National, Redmap and citizen science (interview with Gretta Pecl)

7 October 2015: The Conversation, How you can help scientists track how marine life reacts to climate change by Gretta Pecl, Jemina Stuart Smith, Jennifer Sunday and Natalie Moltschaniwskyj

28 September 2015: Science Network WA, Lights, camera, fish action

9 September 2015: Australian Geographic, Citizens science: using the power of the masses (Redmap listed as an example of citizen science in Australia)

Aug/September 2015: Fishing Today (Tasmania), Catching 'mainland' fish in Tasmania (p.26) by Yvette Barry

15 August 2015: Narooma News (NSW), Jellyfish bloom in Wagonga Inlet, Narooma (Redmap mentioned)

29 July 2015: The Australian, Citizen scientists data improving (interview with Gretta Pecl) (subscription only)

24 July 2015: The Mercury (Tasmania), Professor pats citizens on back for help by Bruce Mounster (interview Jemina Stuart-Smith and Gretta Pecl)(subscription only)

23 July 2015: ABC Radio's The World Today, Australia's army of citizen scientists (interview with Gretta Pecl)

23 July 2015: CSIRO's Get Environment, From mapping fish to counting koalas Australians are becoming passionate citizen scientists (interview with Gretta Pecl)

July 2015: Coastlines magazine (WA): Citizen Science leads the way in marine science (page 5) by the Redmap WA Team.

19 June 2015: Discover Magazine, Science Behind the Camera: Snapping Pictures for Climate Research by Nina Friedman (interview with Dr Jemina Stuart-Smith)

16 June 2015: The Mercury (Tasmania), Maria Island's unusual visitor by Jessica Howard

15 June 2015: IMAS Bulletin, Redmap Rippa caught on Kmart line by Yvette Barry

14 June 2015: The Sunday Tasmanian, Big fish are out there for the taking by Carl Hyland (subscription only)

5 June 2015: The University of Tasmania website news and Facebook, Changing Oceans  (video interview with Gretta Pecl)

4 June 2015: Fishing World, Weird catch: Dolphinfish - Albany, WA by Yvette Barry

3 June 2015: Narooma News (NSW), Warming ocean brings bizarre creatures to Far South Coast by Stan Gorton

1 June 2015: SciStarter, Redmap on SCiStarter

29 May 2015: University of Tasmania News, What's new at Redmap? by Yvette Barry

11 April 2015: The Mercury (Tasmania), Hunt on for any odd fish by Bruce Mounster (subscription only)

1 April 2015: Marine Life Magazine, Australian fish move south as climate changes (page 9)

8 March 2015: The Sunday Tasmanian, Squid secrets by Carl Hyland (subscription only)

February 2015: Modern Fishing magazine, Citizen scientists by Dr Julian Pepperell

21 January 2015: The Mercury (Tasmania), Rare fish catches Matt by surprise by Bruce Mounster (subscription only)

January 2015, Coastlines (WA), Pinjalo snapper: rare visitor to Perth metro waters by Glen Moore and Gary Jackson

December 2015: Fishing Today (Tasmania), Redmap sightings: Top 10 species and other trends by Yvette Barry

21 November 2014: The Conversation, Things warm up as the East Australian Current heads south

12 October 2014:  ABC News Online, Sydney octopuses found in Tasmanian waters could be a mixed blessing for fisheries there.

12 October 2014: website, Sydney’s Octopi Are Packing Their Bags, “To Tasmanian Waters!”

12 October 2014: ABC News Online, Sydney octopuses heading south as Tasmanian waters warm

1 October 2014: Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science (QLD),  Spot, log and map marine species along the Australian coast

29 September 2014: Factsheet FRDC,   Deeply moving

28 September 2014: Ecological Society Australia Newsletter, The role of citizen science in mapping range extensions of Australia Marine Life

28 August 2014: Tasmanian Geographic,  Redmap - Captain's Address

16 August 2014: 4K1G Radio - NQ Fishing Show (QLD) Interview with Vicki Martin about Redmap and audience research interviews

August 2014: Fishing Today (Tasmania), What's been spotted on Redmap lately

10 July 2014: Tasmanian Geographic, Temperate paradise

1 July 2014 Edge Radio (Tasmania), Interview with Gretta Pecl about Redmap on the radio show, Yeah, Science!

26 June 2014: The Mercury (Tasmania), Rare fish migrations brighten Tasmanian waters

6 June 2014: The Mercury  (Tasmania), Waves wash up lovely bunch of coconuts

8 April 2014: South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity News, Gretta Pecl's talk, Redmap: an online database and mapping resource

27 April 2014: Narooma News (NSW), Catch of the Day: Leatherjacket scourge, yellowfin lining

Autumn 2014: Coastlines Autumn Edition (WA), Reporting Marine 'Strangers' Just Got Easier with the New Redmap App

22 May 2014: ABC Radio, Great Southern (WA), Interview with Mike Burgess, Redmap WA, about nudibranch reports in Albany and Redmap in general

14 May 2014: The Esperance Express (WA), Esperance team keeps pests at bay

12 May 2014: Radio ABC Mid West + Wheatbelt (WA), Interview with Mike Burgess about mid-west Redmap sightings and WA marine heat wave

6 May 2014: The Lead (SA),  New science helps track mysterious cuttlefish

27 March 2014: Lost in Science, Community radio show, Interview with Dr Gretta Pecl about Redmap

19 March 2014:  University of Tasmanian News (Tasmania): The sea’s the limit: $5000 up for grabs in marine video competition

4 March 2014: Narooma News (NSW), Leatherjacket swarms abnormal and destructive: photos, video

15 February 2014: Tasmanian Geographic, Citizen Science: Redmap, Fishing for data

30 January 2014: The Mercury  (tasmania), Warm water manta ray makes an appearance in Tasmanian waters

2013 FRDC news online, Find your fish online

21 January 2014: InMyCommunity, Western Suburbs Weekly (WA), Warming to marine app

20 January 2014: Ngari Capes Marine Park Newsletter No.2: Redmap

16 January 2014: South Western Times (WA), Citizen Scientists map ocean's changing face

14 January 2014: Bunbury Herald (WA), Fishers and science to join forces

13 January 2014: ABC Radio, Mid West + Wheatbelt (WA), Interview about the new Redmap app

11 January 2014: Inspiring Australia News Online, Marine watch- log what you see

7 January 2014: Media Release Department of Fisheries (WA), New app to help fishers record marine strangers in 2014

1 January 2014: Port Stephens Council News (NSW), Ready for Redmap

17 December 2013: Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre newsletter (WA), Reporting Marine 'Strangers' Just Got Easier with the New Redmap App

11 November 2013: ABC News Online (WA), Warmer waters lure sub-tropical fish to the south where fishermen reap the bounty

21 October 2013: UTAS online news, Report something fishy on the new Redmap iPhone App!

18 October 2013: ABC Radio Mackay (QLD), Interview with Natalie Moltschaniwskyj about Redmap and the App Launch

23 September 2013: ABC Radio Central Coast (NSW), interview with Natalie Moltschaniwskyj about Redmap app launch

2 September 2013: Inspiring Australia Newsletter,  Redmap: fishes-out-of-water tell climate change stories

5 September 2013: PIRSA News Release (SA), Research expanding knowledge on Giant Australian Cuttlefish

30 September 2013: ECOS, Science for Sustainability, Giant cuttlefish conundrum

18 August 2013: Radio 4BC, interview with Elvira Poloczanska from the CSIRO about her Nature paper just released on shifting species

3 July 2013: Media Release PIRSA (SA), Rare fish find on SA gulf shores

2 July 2013: University of Tasmania's Weekly Bulletin, Read up on Redmap's Tassie report card

26 June 2013: Newsletter PIRSA (SA), Cuttlefish Update 2

20 June 2013: PIRSA News Release (SA), Increase in Giant Cuttlefish research funding

18 June 2013: Science for Life. 365.(online blog). Something fishy going on

13 June 2013: Albany Advertiser (WA), Toxic fish a blow In from North-West

13 June 2013: Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre (WA), Japanese Devilray

31 May 2013: ABC Radio, South East NSW - Mornings with Tim Holt interviewing Natalie Moltschaniwskyj, Redmap and up coming talks

29 May 2013: Narooma News (NSW), Help monitor sea creatures with Redmap

20 May 2013: ABC Adelaide online (SA), Mapping the mysteries of South Australia's giant cuttlefish decline

13 May 2013: The West Australian (WA), Marine life adapts to warm seas

10 May 2013: Manning Great Lakes (NSW) Article about upcoming talk Get involved in marine science

9 May 2013: Manning River Times (NSW), An article about upcoming talk Chance to get involved in marine science

30 April 2013: Magazine Landscope (WA), winter edition: Citizen Scientist' monitor marine change

24 April 2013: Newsletter PIRSA Cuttlefish Update 1

18 April 2013: NEWSCAST NSW DPI Recreational Fisheries News, Tracking wayward fish

17 April 2013: ABC Country Hour SA Interview with Keith Rowling about Redmap SA, Anyone with a camera can help with marine science

30 March 2013: The Mercury (Tasmania) Jonah lands 'whale' of a fish

28 March 2013: Media Release PIRSA  Greater protection for the Giant Cuttlefish

22 March 2013: Bowen Independent (QLD) From media release: Tracking straying fish goes high tech

21 March 2013: North Queensland Register (Townsville) From media release: Redmap keeps tabs on crabs

20 March 2013: Innisfail Advocate (QLD), Tracking straying fish goes high tech

20 March 2013: Newspaper Townsville Sun (QLD),  Catching the moves of sea life

15 March 2013: Newsletter Fish eNews (WA), under 'Australian News', Tracking straying fish goes high tech

14 March 2013: WIN News, Martha Brians interview on WIN News about Redmap

13 March 2013:  ABC Radio, Toowoomba, Interview with Martha Brians (Redmap QLD), New website tracks Queensland fish movements

13 March 2013: James Cook University Online News (QLD), Tracking straying fish goes high tech

1 Mar 2013: The Advocate (Tasmania), A wave of change with sea temperature rise

27 Feb 2013: Newcastle Herald (NSW), Warmer waters send marine species south

16 Feb 2013: The Mercury (Tasmania), Tropical species moving in

14 Feb 2013: South Western Times (WA), Unusual fish sightings flowing in

29 Jan 2013: Fishing WA Magazine (WA), Moving marine postcodes

27 Jan 2013: The Mercury (Tasmania), New pests warm to our waters

13 Jan 2013: Newcastle Herald (NSW), Call for anglers to help track migrants

5 Jan 2013: Radio Local ABC Radio (Sydney & Central Coast) (06:45am), Radio interview with Assoc Prof Natalie Moltschaniwskyj re: Redmap

4 January 2013: ABC News Online, Website to record fish sightings

29 Dec 2012: The West Australian, Calls to report tropical ‘invasion’

20 Dec 2012: ECOS Magazine, Science for Sustainability, Marine-life mapping project taps into citizen science power

19 Dec 2012: PIRSA (SA), Holiday fishers reminded to brush up on limits

19 Dec 2012: FRDC news, Online portal extends marine species mapping

14 Dec 2012: Northern Star, Lismore (NSW); Appeal to log fish moves

14 Dec 2012: The Mercury (Tasmania), Uni's map project goes national

14 Dec 2012: Australian Science Communicators, Inspiring Australia Update: Redmap Australia launches 13 December 2012

14 Dec 2012: Marine WATERs (WA), Changing Marine Postcodes

13 Dec 2012: On Deck Newsletter, Dept of Planning, Transport, Infrastructure (SA), Log an unusual fish

13 Dec 2012: ABC news online (NSW), Website to map marine fish

13 Dec 2012: Museum Victoria, Redmap Australia launched

13 Dec 2012: University of Tasmania News, Redmap Australia - the ultimate in crowd sourcing - launched today

13 Dec 2012: Fishing Boating World, Launch of Australia-wide Redmap

13 Dec 2012: ANDS news, Redmap goes national

13 Dec 2012: Fishraider (NSW), Log-a-fish website makes a splash in NSW waters

13 Dec 2012: The University of Newcastle (NSW), Log-a-fish website makes a splash in NSW waters

9 Dec 2012: The Mercury (Tas), Seeking warmer waters

9 Dec 2012: Science Network Western Australia, Citizens to monitor marine life

1 Dec 2012, MLSSA Journal (SA), Redmap Update

27 Nov 2012: ABC Radio Newcastle, The Morning Show (NSW), Radio interview with Assoc Prof Natalie Moltschaniwskyj re: Redmap

5 Nov 2012: ABC Television's Catalyst program: Taking Our Temperature

15 Oct 2012 Mangrove Watch newsletter, Redmap Flier What's Redmap?

9 Oct 2012: Fish-e-Fax, edition 332, Range extension database map

Oct-Nov: Mangrove Watch newsletter,  What is Redmap?

October 2012: Seagrass Watch Moreton Bay newsletter, What is Redmap?

20 Sept 2012: The Mercury, Let's make Tasmania Great Special Edition: Gretta Pecl writes, Value in the deep

21 Aug 2012: The Mercury, Sea-run trout are out and about

21 Aug 2012: Fishing Boating World, New fish captures in Tasmania

19 Aug 2012: ABC News 24, Interviewing Dr Pecl about Redmap Australia on Weekend Breakfast

17 Aug 2012: ABC News Online and ABC Radio Australia, Climate change sees tropical fish arrive in Tasmania

17 Aug 2012, ABC National 7pm news, Segment on Redmap and the Marine Climate Change Impact & Adaptation Report Card, Australia 2012

17 Aug 2012: ABC Radio National, AM with Tony Eastly, Climate change moves tropical fish south

16 Aug 2012: ABC Local Radio, Northern Tasmania Breakfast with presenter Belinda King, Interview with Dr Pecl about Redmap and marine climate change

16 Aug 2012: International Business Times, Fish species show up in Australian waters due to climate change

August 2012: Marine Climate Change Impact & Adaptation Report Card, Australia 2012,  Redmap - get involved, What’s on the move in Australia?

August/September 2012: Fishing Today, pgs 26-27, What's on the move in Tassie seas? Redmap sightings explained by Yvette Barry

16 Aug: The Mercury, Carl Hyland: Handy booklet

August 2012: AMSA Bulletin, New funding to track Australian fish (see AMSA Bulletin subscriber page)

7 Aug 2012: Australian Geographic, Fishers, divers help track marine species

Aug 2012: Tas Uni Dive Club newsletter, Tanked, Brand new FREE Redmap species guides out now!

28 June 2012: ABC Radio National, Bush Telegraph, Using citizen science to map fish migration

June 2012: Reef Watcher South Australia newsletter, It’s a whaaaat? Spot and log uncommon fish on Redmap

19 June 2012: The Australian - Australian IT, Tasmanian citizen scientists called on to help track marine life  

19 June 2012: The Mercury, Sea answers climate queries

14 June 2012: Industrias Pesqueras (Spain), Tracking fish in Australian waters

14 June 2012: University of Tasmania news, Grants to bring science to the community

12 June 2012: 936 ABC Hobart radio, Drive with presenter Louise Saunders, Interview with Dr Gretta Pecl about the expansion of Redmap around Australia

12 June 2012: University of Tasmania news, New funding to track Australian fish

12 June 2012: Science in Public, Inspiring Australia: Tassie marine mapping project to go Australia-wide...and more.

May 2012: Marine Life Society of South Australia Newsletter, Redmap is going national

9 Mar 2012: ABC 7.30 report, Rare finds: a wave of new fish in Tasmanian waters

Feb/Mar 2012: Fishing Today, Eastern rock lobsters and What is Redmap?(p.27-28)

3 Feb 2012: The Mercury,  Marlin making waves

15 April 2011: Climate Change Fishing website, Redmap - an interactive website for Australian recreational and commercial fisheries

Dec 2011:, REDMAP - The place to report uncommon fish and get prizes

28 May 2011: ABC Radio National, The Science Show with presenter Robyn Williams, Redmap plots marine species

13 Oct 2010: ABC News, Divers and fishers help chart warmer Tasmanian waters

27 Mar 2010: ABC Radio National, The Science Show, Tasmanian waters hotter

Mar 2010: Mount Stuart News. Guest speaker - Dr Gretta Pecl re: Redmap.

18 Mar 2010: The Cygnet and Channel Classifieds, Citizen Science and Climate Change

March 2010: G Magazine, Citizen Science

Feb/Mar 2010: Fishing Today (Tasmanian seafood industry news), Website tracks shifts in species ranges

Feb 2010: National Resource Management South, Snapshot newsletter, Logging Marine Sightings - introducing Redmap

5 Feb 2010: Marine Life Issue,  Redmap website

Feb 2010: Tasmanian Fishing News, Redmap- the place to report uncommon fish and get prizes

2 Feb 2010: Ocean Whispers blog site, Redmap is tracking biodiversity movements in TASMANIAN waters

Jan 2010: CIAC newsletter, Cephalopods on the move in Tassie!

24 Jan 2010: The Sunday Tasmanian, Discover Tasmania: Cast about for a bite of nature

2009: Research to Reality (UTAS), Edition 4, Something fishy in the water

15 Dec 2009: The Mercury, Oceans of Information

14 Dec 2009: ABC Online, Users hooked on fish tracking website

Nov 2009: Aqua Scuba Newsletter, Newsletter Nov 09.pdf

19 Jul 2009: The Sunday Tasmanian, Call to map sea species

Winter 2009: Sea Speak newsletter, Redmap, 2009

6 Mar 2009: The Mercury, Fish body project to chart climate change

Mar 2009: Sportsfisher magazine, Climate change and species migration

Feb 2009: Fish Telegraph (Fishcare Volunteers), Fish Telegraph Summer 2008-09.

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