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Need underwater images in your video? Use these!

Feel free to use these logos and images in your video for the Redmap competition.

Feel free to use the following logos and underwater photos in your video for the Redmap competition. You don't need to credit any of these images and you can change them any way you like.  Of course, you can also use your own images and video footage (or none at all - it's up to you). But please do not use any other third party images or video unless you or someone in your video team has taken them.

Click on the thumbnails below to open the larger version of each image:

The following drawings were sketched by Elsa Gartner at Redmap. You do not need to give them any credit in your video.

All the following photos were taken by the Redmap team. Feel free to use and change them how you like. No photo credit is necessary.

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