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From landlubber to marine biologist

Obsessed diver, sea slug guru, unlucky fisherman (of mainly toadfish):  meet marine biologist Dr David Harasti. He verifies many of the community sightings logged on Redmap in NSW. How did this landlubber from Canberra –  who spent his youth fishing for carp in lakes –  become a marine biologist and underwater photographer?

Whale poo, lobster babies and fish ears: a week at IMAS

Year 10 student Georgia Poyner from Narooma, NSW, donned a lab coat and wet weather gear for an action-packed week of field and lab experience at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) in Hobart recently. She measured rock lobsters, cut out fish ears and discovered what whale poop looks like.

Fish, corals and trees react as one to changing climate

Research shows between 1984 and 2003 the growth of two types of marine fish and a coral slowed during El Niño years when waters were cooler, whereas in La Niña years, with warmer sea temperatures and generally more rainfall, growth rates increased. This would seem to spell good news as oceans are predicted to continue warming. Read more about this UWA Oceans Institute study.

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