What's been spotted in South Australia?

Leafy seadragon

Phycodurus eques

Found under Rapid Bay Jetty, a common location for this species.

Depth 6m
Phycodurus eques

About this species

These relatives of seahorses have long distinctive leaf-like appendages protruding from many parts of the yellowish-brown body. The body has longitudinal white-ish stripes and the appendages may have darker splotches or spots. Males brood red eggs on the underside of the tail. The Leafy Seadragon is greenish to yellowish-brown with many thin dark-edged pale lines or bands across the body. They have large leaf-like appendages and long slender spines, and are extremely well camouflaged to resemble kelp and other macroalgae species. Log this species anywhere except South Australia. Read more…

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