What's been spotted in New South Wales?

Brokenline wrasse

Stethojulis interrupta

Photo taken on the Eastern side of Swansea Bridge on saturday 15/7/2017 at about 9m depth. Water temp 18deg C

Depth 9m
Stethojulis interrupta

About this species

The brokenline wrasse undergoes colouration changes as it grows, matures and changes sex. It transitions through two phases – initial (females) and terminal (transition between female and male). Juveniles have a pinkish-grey upper body with a white belly. A thick horizontal black line running along the body from the mouth, through the eye and to the tail separates the upper and lower body colours. A thin blue line begins to form underneath the eye. All fins are transparent. Fish in the initial phase are predominantly pink with a white belly. The black line from the juvenile phase has become less bold and been replaced with a flecked blue and black line. The snout section is yellow. The lower portion of the body may have faint black spots. Read more…

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