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   Download or print Redmap Australia brochures and posters:   

   What is Redmap Australia?

   Redmap poster (and magazine ad)

   Redmap citizen science banner

   Spot anything unusual? Brochure

   Redmap Report Card (2013)

   Download documents specific to each state, including species lists:

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Redmap in scientific journals: full list of scientific papers.

Government publications include: 

July 2015: Australian Government's Office of the Chief Scientist, Occasional paper series, Building Australia through citizen science, by Gretta Pecl, Chris Gillies, Carla Sbrocchi and Phillip Roetman (Issue 11).

June 2012: The Australian Government's Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC), Climate shift to push recreational species out

April 2012: About the House (Parlimentary newsletter), Invasion of the deep: Evidence about a biodiversity shift is emerging from Australia's ocean floor

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