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Some marine organisms on the seafloor thrive in corrosive seawater

The sea floor is a habitat especially rich in species that produce calcium carbonate shells or skeletons – so-called marine calcifiers. Sea urchins, sea stars, coralline algae, crustaceans, and numerous mollusks, such as mussels, find their home here. Marine calcifiers play an important role in global biogeochemical cycles and serve important ecosystem functions. They are a food supply for other organisms and store carbon. At present, the ocean takes up a ...

Science on show in state-wide festival of events

Science will dominate University of Tasmania campus calendars this month, as the best and brightest minds shine a spotlight on the subject during National Science Week. A bumper program of hands-on activities, demonstrations, forums, presentations, workshops and discovery days will run beyond the official week (13 – 21 August), evolving into a month-long celebration and showcase of science innovation.

Redmap magnified at the Festival of Bright Ideas

Kids enjoyed being citizen scientists and looking through a microscope at the Redmap display - and holding marine life at the Institute for Marine and Antarcic Studies display - all part of the Festival of Bright Ideas on the weekend!

Redmap at the Festival of Bright Ideas!

Redmap and the Instititute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) will be at the Festival of Bright Ideas in Hobart this Saturday 13th as part of Science Week. Come and say hello to the Redmap team and have a chat about the uncommon fish and marine life you've spotted lately. Join our marine competition or see the wonderful IMAS aquarium! Read on for details...

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