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Climate change does not bode well for picky eaters

Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins evolved different diets that reduce competition for food so they can better co-exist. But a new study shows that only one of these species has a flexible diet that is more suited to the rapidly changing conditions in Antarctica. Read which penguin is less fussy in The Science Daily.

Warm oceans drive hottest year on record

Unusually warm seas helped drive annual global temperatures to a record level in 2014 and are likely to ensure this year has a similarly hot start, writes the Sydney Morning Herald. Read the full article here.

To bleach or not to bleach?

Researchers examining the impact of climate change on coral reefs have found a way to predict which reefs are likely to recover following bleaching episodes and which won't, writes Science Daily. Read the full story here.

Urchins adapt to warming oceans

As climate change adds to the threat of extinction faced by many species, new research shows how sea urchins can adapt to the increasing temperature and levels of acidity in Antarctic waters, writes the Climate News Network. Read the story here.

What's the catch?

Flathead is the top catch by Tasmanian fishers, according to a new recreational fishing survey by the University of Tasmania's Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Around one in four Tasmanians went fishing at least once in 2012; and mainly along the east or south-east coast. Read what Tasmanians are hooked on here.

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