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Climate Change Has Got The Earth In Hot Water

It is understandable that people discussing global warming focus on air temperatures. Lower atmospheric temperatures are shown on the news and weather reports every day. We walk around in the air. We breathe it in. We talk about how hot it’s been this summer, how warm last winter was, or how this is the hottest day on record. But global warming is all about water.  Water, not the atmosphere ...

Empowering citizen scientists

A scientifically literate general public ranks high on the wish list of biological researchers. According to a poll taken at a recent synthetic biology conference, scientists see a public uninformed about biotechnology as a threat to their work. Instead they want the 'man on the street' to understand and support what goes on in the lab. Read more in Nature.

Redmap Aug/Sept newsletter 2015

This edition celebrates citizen science and Redmap's community observations! Noteworthy observations include a once-in-a-Century jellyfish sighting, a giant squid and dolphinfish. Also, we need your help if you live in WA: become a Redmap WA Champion! And high school students may be interested in a new marine biology course offered by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Read the latest Redmap news.

Teenager Logs Once-in-a-Century Sighting on Redmap

The jellyfish Cephea cephea was spotted only once before in Australia: almost 100 years ago in Queensland. Then 14-year old diver and marine enthusiast Georgia Poyner collected this rarely-seen jelly in southern NSW and logged her sighting on Redmap!

New Marine Biology course for hands-on experience as a real scientist

Are you in Year 11 or 12 and thinking of becoming a marine biologist? Then check out the amazing Temperate Marine Biology unit run by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS). The course provides students with key concepts in marine biology plus a real-world, research experience on Maria Island, Tasmania. And REDMAP is offering one student a scholarship for the field trip part of the course!



The Western Australian node of Redmap is seeking volunteers interested in acting as Champions (or ‘ambassadors’) for the project...

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