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IMAS researcher interview with Dr Emily Ogier

Dr Emily Ogier is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies where she heads the FRDC’s Social Sciences and Economics Research Coordination Program. Originally a local from Tasmania, she embarked on her PhD in Western Australia looking at impacts of tourism, fisheries and aquaculture, before moving back to Tasmania where she now works on understanding the social and economic impacts of fisheries and aquaculture. 

IMAS researcher interview with Dr Sean Tracey

Dr Sean Tracey is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies with a real passion for the ocean and its inhabitants. His research career has spanned many areas, from global fisheries and food security to studying recreational fisheries. We had a chat to Sean about his research, climate change and what he likes to do in his (rare) spare time.

Redmap Fisher Photo Competition: Now Open!

Fishers see amazing things and capture great moments in pursuit of their catch. The Redmap Fisher Photo Competition gives you the opportunity to share and celebrate your favourite fishing memories, with great prizes on offer for two winners in each category! Photos from all types of fishers are warmly welcomed.

Caught in the act: Coral's bleaching behavior

Coral researchers have for the first time captured the specific behavior of a coral as it's bleaching. While scientists have known for some time that coral bleaching occurs when the relationship between the coral and their Symbiodinium breaks down as ocean temperatures rise, new research show for the first time how this coral removes the algae. Read the full story in Science Daily.

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