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Redmappers' contribution to citizen science this Summer

A total of 68 out-of-range observations have been logged by the Redmap community and verified by our team of experts this Summer! Our top three states were NSW (34 observations), Tasmania (23 observations) and Western Australia (11 observations). Great work Redmappers!



Climate change altering sex in the sea

We know that plants and animals are shifting where they live to track environmental changes, but did you know that changes in temperature and ocean acidity are shifting the balance of sex in the sea?

Detecting range-shifting species using their environmental preferences

Curtis Champion is a PhD student at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere. Here he explains how we can use species' preferences for specific environmental conditions to measure and monitor the effects of climate change on their distributions.

The Redmap Diver Photo Comp has been run and won!

With 103 entries and 1357 votes, our Diver Photo Comp showcased some of the exceptional photography skills amongst our community of divers. A massive thank you goes out to everyone who submitted their photos. Like many others, we had a wonderful time viewing your spectacular underwater encounters and adventures. 

Redmap Diver Photo Competition: ENTER NOW

Spending time underwater can be highly addictive. Whether it’s marvelling at the unique complexity and detail of a reef ecosystem, spending time in the water with friends and family, or simply relishing in the relaxing silence beneath the waves, divers are not short of excuses to pursue their passion. The 2017 Redmap Diver Photo Comp is a showcase and celebration of the weird and wonderful moments captured by our ...

Mass die-offs - Warm water fish can't handle the cold?

There has been a lot of media attention recently of the mass die-off of leatherjackets, as well as smaller numbers of other species, along the south-east coast of Australia from Victoria to Tasmania. But what actually caused the die off? 

Citizen science data valuable for researchers

A recent study published by researchers in Western Australia, including some of the Redmap WA team, has used citizen science data to look at the prolonged effects of a marine heat wave that hit the coast of WA in 2010/11.

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