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The Spring 2023 Redmap Newsletter

In our Spring 2023 newsletter, we'll introduce you to some new faces in the Redmap team, give you a comprehensive guide for distinguishing Southern Rock Lobsters (Jasus edwardsii) and Eastern Rock Lobsters (Sagmariasus verreauxi), share insights on fisheries and climate, highlight some fascinating citizen science projects, plus an interview with David Maynard, one of Redmap's pioneering observers and throw in some other interesting stuff too



Redmap Summer Newsletter 2017/18

The Redmap team are back with their 2017/18 Summer Newsletter!

To read about the how many unusual sightings were logged this Summer, how climate change is altering sex in the sea, how citizen science observations are helping to identify range-shifting species, and much more follow the link below.

Redmap newsletter Winter 2017

The Redmap Team has voted for their favourite photos from the Redmap Diver Photo Competition, check out the entries in the Redmap newsletter Winter 2017! Also in this issue: see how citizen science data is used for research, Australasian Fishes want your photos and the Secchi Disk study.

Redmap newsletter Summer 2015/16

Read about Redmap's Top 3 marine sightings logged by the community in each state! Also in this edition: catching tropical fish in Victoria, an interview with a commercial fisher, Redmap's WA Champions and why a rare sea slug excited Redmap scientists. Read the Summer 2015/16 Redmap news.

Redmap newsletter Aug/Sept 2015

This edition celebrates citizen science and Redmap's community observations around the country, including a once-in-a-Century sighting. Also, we need your help if you live in WA: become a Redmap WA Champion! Read the Aug/Sept newsletter.

Redmap newsletter April 2014

This edition covers Redmap's video competition, our oddest-looking sightings (like warty prowfish and yellow sea slugs), and other marine news. Read it here.

Redmap newsletter Sept 2013

Check out the new Redmap video: "It's not fishing it's research!". We also cover some wacky research into global warming impacts. And catch up on the latest marine news in your region. Read the September 2013 Redmap newsletter here.

Redmap newsletter June 2013

This edition of Redmap news covers Redmap's first Report Card! We also interviewed the hilarious Andrew Hart co-host of the TV fishing show Hook, Line and Sinker. Also, check out the uncommon fish reported by Australian fishers and divers and read their fishing anecdotes. The Redmap June 2013 newsletter can be read here.

Redmap newsletter Feb 2013

Redmap has launched around Australia! This edition of the Redmap newsletter looks at what Australians are logging on the Redmap website. We talked to some "ole mariners" around Australia about changes they're seeing in their local seas. And why are some marine species moving their marine postcodes? Read the Redmap newsletter here.

Redmap newsletter June 2012

This is the first national Redmap newsletter! This edition looks at why fish are leaving home in a huff; and asks if Tassie seas could be considered fish soup. And Redmap is soon to be launched around the country! Read the latest Redmap newsletter here.

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