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Redmap Diver Photo Competition: ENTER NOW

redmap-admin, 07 May 2017.

Spending time underwater can be highly addictive. Whether it’s marvelling at the unique complexity and detail of a reef ecosystem, spending time in the water with friends and family, or simply relishing in the relaxing silence beneath the waves, divers are not short of excuses to pursue their passion. The 2017 Redmap Diver Photo Comp is a showcase and celebration of the weird and wonderful moments captured by our community of divers. This photo comp is here to give you the opportunity to dig out, relive and share your favourite underwater moments – with great prizes on offer for two winners in each of our three categories!

A very splendid hawkfish (Notocirrhitus splendens), captured by Rick Stuart-Smith.

The Redmap Diver Photo Comp is a celebration of the strange critters and wonderful moments enjoyed by divers - from being up close and personal with unique marine life, to marvelling at the entirety of a marine community. It’s too common nowadays that our photographic efforts only result in space taken up on our hard drives, rarely seeing the light of day they deserve.  With Summer now behind us, our Diver Photo Comp is a great opportunity to share recent diving adventures or dig up old ones to relive and celebrate.

The Redmap Team invites divers to submit their favourite photos to one, or all, of our three great categories, with generous prizes on offer. In each category prizes will be awarded to the winners of the People's Choice Award and Redmap's Choice Award – that’s a total of six prizes up for grabs!


Entries close: 9 pm Sunday 21 May

Online voting period: 9 am Monday 22 May – 9 pm Sunday 4 June

Winners announced: Monday 5 June



1. Up close and personal

Coming face-to-face with marine life, whether it’s large or tiny, is always a treat and often ‘other-worldly’ - submit your best close-up photo of marine life.

2. A unique encounter

Some species are more exciting to see than others. It’s likely that these are the critters we don’t see on most dives, so when we do it’s a real treat - submit your favourite photo of a unique encounter with marine life.

3. Seascapes

While individual animals darting in front of us can easily grab attention, they are only parts of larger, diverse communities of marine life - submit your best photo of underwater communities, from coral reefs to temperate kelp forests.


How to enter

Attach your photo(s) to an email and send it to:

Include in your email:

1) your name, and

2) a title for your photograph

3) a caption to tell us a little about the photograph.

You will be notified that we have received your submission, and also informed of the competition’s results, via return email to the address from which you submitted your entry.

NB: Redmap Australia will NOT disclose your email address during or after this competition.



Two great prizes are up for grabs in each category. One will be awarded to the winner of the People's Choice Award and the other awarded to the winner of the Redmap's Choice Award.

People's Choice Award – $200 gift card at either Boating Camping Fishing OR Bunnings Warehouse (the choice is yours).

Redmap's Choice Award – A comprehensive field guide to the Tropical Marine Fishes of Australia.



People’s Choice Award

Voting for the People Choice Award will take place on Redmap Australia's Facebook page - Within each category, the photo with the highest number of ‘likes’ during the voting period will be deemed the People’s Choice Award winner. We encourage you to follow the competition on Redmap Australia’s Facebook page, and to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your favourite photos.

Redmaps’s Choice Award

Members of the Redmap Team will vote on their favourite photo in each category, with particular attention given to the creativity of the title and caption that accompanies each image.


Conditions of entry

1. Entrants can submit a maximum of two photographs to each category.

2. By entering your photo to this competition, you give Redmap Australia permission to post your photograph, accompanied by your name, photo title and caption, to its Facebook page, Twitter account and website.

3. Redmap Australia reserves the right to edit the title or caption of your image to ensure it is suitable for public viewing (please keep it family friendly).

4. Only photos of live animals in their environment will be allowed entry into this competition. Redmap Australia values the contribution of recreational fishers highly, as shown during our 2016 Redmap Fisher Photo Comp. However, this specific competition is aimed at the diving community, so we ask that no fishing photos are entered this time around (but underwater photos taken by spearfishers of live fish are warmly welcomed).

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