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WA's Redmap Champions program

The Redmap Team, 30 Nov 2015.

More than 20 Redmap Champions will now wear the Redmap t-shirt and help promote the project to fishers, divers, boaters and the community throughout Western Australia! 

  • The West Australian Divers for Diversity Incorporated (WADDI) have become one of the 20+ Redmap WA Champions! (Photo: Paul Day

  • Each Redmap Champion receives a Redmap volunteer t-shirt to promote the project and to wear at marine talks and events in WA!

  • A Redmap Champion's information pack.

  • The Redmap Champions program is funded by a Coastwest grant with the support of the Western Australian Department of Fisheries and Redmap's host the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)

Earlier in 2015, Redmap Western Australia were successful in securing funding from Coastwest (through the WA Planning Commission) to develop a “Champions” (or ‘ambassadors’) program in Western Australia. The role of the ambassador would be to provide on-ground support, promotion and a source for locals to interact with – and to ‘fly the Redmap flag’ at local events.

Redmap launched a campaign to attract potential volunteers to step into the Champions role….and were inundated with super-keen people from across Western Australia. We hoped for 8-10 enthusiastic people, and received over 20 applications – a great start! Volunteers were provided with resources developed by the Redmap Australia team; including a website manual and user guide, information on project vision and goals, and a tutorial on how to use the website and ways to effectively interact with the general public.

There are currently 20+ Redmap Champions beginning work to help promote Redmap throughout Western Australia. This includes marine scientist and teachers, Department of Fisheries education officers, local fishers, local dive groups such as the West Australian Divers for Diversity Incorporated (WADDI; profiled below). Keep an eye out for them sporting the Redmap t-shirts – and be sure to say hello if you see them out and about.

Redmap Champion Profile: 


West Australian Divers for Diversity Incorporated  (WADDI)

Written by Paul Day


West Australian Divers for Diversity Incorporated (WADDI) is passionate about increasing the knowledge of Western Australia's marine biodiversity. We aim to inspire and engage the community to get involved in citizen science to monitor Western Australia's unique underwater realm.

WADDI was established in 2013 with the original concept to formalise a group of volunteers who were active members of the Reef Life Survey Foundation (RLS) and to partner RLS in seeking support to carry out marine biodiversity surveys along the west coast of Australia.

As well as enjoying a strong relationship with RLS since then, WADDI is now leading a project working with the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) to establish a baseline of viability for seagrass habitats at Rottnest Island and has assembled a panel of experts from Perth universities, Parks and Wildlife and Environmental consultancies to provide scientific advice during the design and set up phase of the project. The goal of this project is to establish a monitoring program that will achieve the conservation and management objectives set out in the RIA Marine Management Plan and provide opportunities for volunteers to get involved in citizen science.

WADDI is committed to establishing partnerships and collaborative relationships with likeminded organisations and to creating avenues through which its volunteers may gain personal or professional development. Many of our members are students of marine science from undergraduate to PhD levels and WADDI can provide them with networking and field experience opportunities that are accessible and inexpensive.

WADDI is very pleased to have established a connection with Redmap and looks forward to working towards a mutually beneficial relationship into the future.


• WADDI volunteers have mapped seagrass meadows in 3 bays at Rottnest Island identifying 7 species of seagrass with over 500 50 cm x 50 cm quadrats observed and photographed.
• We have grown our membership to 22 members including marine science students of undergraduate and post graduate levels, professional marine scientists from universities and government management agencies.
• Completed our first seagrass workshop hosted by RIA, attended by our expert advisory panel.
• Successful in providing support to the recent 2014 State NRM funded RLS project in WA and is committed to supporting next year’s project (funding dependent!)

Check out the WADDI website and Facebook page

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